The making of Blue Kraken came about from a merger of companies. It’s routes started long ago with Sean James who stared on the hit documentary “The Repo Man” which was a huge success on Channel 4 . Since then he has never looked back leaving the murky world of debt collecting and car repossessions behind his own words were. “The Finance companies have had me long enough now, now it’s time to do something for myself.”


Sean then went onto to set up a production company and started making shows., which have featured on Discovery Quest and Amazon Prime. Sean writes and directs all his own stuff.  He has taken his no nonsense approach that he had when repossessing cars onto set and it shows. The attention to detail is second to none.


Sean started off his career in the Royal Navy at just 16, which led him to participate in the First Gulf War by the age of 18. Feeling it was time to move on, he left at 22.

His experience led him to become a private investigator, which soon progressed into car repossession. From here he became one of the most feared yet revered repo men within the UK, going after cars other agents couldn’t get.

After 17 years and nearly 50,000 cars collected, he caught the attention of Channel 4. Then after 25 years he finally repo’d his last car and became and TV producer you see here today.

This is something Sean has a strong passion for and added to that fact he is bloody good at it….

"You can tell Sean was in the military you only have to be on set with him. <br /> He earns respect and gives it."

Chris Valentine

"I have never worked with such a determined and dedicated person."

Mark Robinson